People who lose their hair often end up losing their confidence. Usually, hair fall is associated with old age or some drugs used to treat diseases like cancer. However, with growing stress, pollution, irregular, and unhealthy eating practices, people as young as in their 20s start losing their hair. This is highly problematic and can cause people to lose confidence when they begin their careers. For youngsters and men in their early 20s and 30s who wish to regain their trust in themselves, options like hair transplant and hair replacement for men are available at, one of the leading hair replacement system UK.

What is better? Hair transplant or a hair replacement for men?

While people often opted for wigs or toupee earlier, it could be easily made out, resulting in them being ridiculed. However, with advances in technology, individuals facing hair fall issues can now choose to get either a hair transplant or opt for the best hair replacement systems available in the market. Here are the pros and cons of both these options:

  • Hair transplant – Since, in this case, body hairs from the individual are used for transplanting on the scalp, it provides a more natural look. The maintenance is relatively easier with no extra cost involved. Since new hairs are transplanted in the bald patches, the chances of people accidentally discovering your bald patch due to displacement of wig is not possible. However, since individual hairs are uprooted from other parts of your body and transplanted to your scalp, the procedure is time-consuming and costly. After the procedure, it takes around 3-4 months for the hair to grow for you to have a natural hairline.
  • Hair replacement system – With some of the best hair replacement systems, you can quickly get a head full of luscious, natural hair within relatively less time. Compared to a hair transplant, this procedure is less time-consuming and relatively painless. Even the non-surgical hair replacement prices are usually affordable. You can choose the colour, style, and length of hair you wish to sport. However, the maintenance involved is relatively high. It would help if you had specific salons to maintain your hair. The hair replacement systems usually last between 6-12 months or longer, depending on how you care for them.

When should you opt for a hair transplant?

People who have inherited pattern baldness from their family might start losing their hair as young as in their 20s which can cause a dip in their self-esteem. Since such individuals are often starting a bright new future, this can cause several problems. If you wish to look dapper with a head full of hair, opting for a hair transplant or hair replacement system is a great option. However, it is essential to know the best age to get a hair transplant before undergoing the procedure.

According to the leading hair replacement system UK (, getting a hair transplant early (in their 20s) is not advisable. This is mainly because most people who start losing their hair are still developing their hair loss pattern. Opting for hair transplant or hair replacement for men would be fruitless if you undergo the procedure only to end up losing hair at other sites. Since there are different methods available to restore hair on a bald scalp, the best option can be suggested only after knowing the hair loss pattern, size of the bald patch, quality of donor’s hair, and the type of hair loss.

The grafting process involves undergoing several sittings to graft single hairs in the bald patch individually. As people in their early 20s are still losing hair, undergoing the procedure repeatedly can be problematic. Since having a hair transplant can give some unnatural look till the hair grow and attain the same size as the pre-existing hair on the scalp, people might have to stay away from public eyes. This is not possible for people who are starting their careers. If you opt for one of the best hair replacement systems, then designing a hair transplant system requires the expert to know your hair loss pattern or severity to create the hair patch. Ideally, one should wait until the late 20s to understand the hair loss pattern before you opt for a hair transplant.