There is no doubt that your physical appearance can make a huge difference to your confidence. A man who starts losing his hair in the early twenties does not have the confidence to approach women for a date or get a good job as looks do matter tremendously. Though it sounds shallow, it is the bitter truth. Instead of lamenting your misfortune, you could opt for various hair replacement systems Hove, Sussex currently available. Hair replacement systems are a much better option than previously used hairpieces or toupees, either of which gave an unnatural look.

Hair replacement systems these days are extremely sophisticated and made of natural hair that makes it nearly impossible to detect whether you are sporting a hairpiece or natural hair. Unlike hair transplant which involves surgery, hair replacement systems are relatively painless and provide you with a head full of hair in lesser time and no pain. However, before you opt for getting a hair replacement done, it is important to know everything about them. Here is a step by step guide to provide you with adequate details about how to care for the best hair replacement systems that are currently available in the market.

What are men’s hair replacement systems?

A hair replacement system is a non-surgical way to attach hair to the scalp so that you can have a head full of gorgeous shiny hair. Unlike having a hair transplant which takes time and is a painful procedure, hair replacement systems are available as hair extensions, hairpiece and hair weave. The hair replacement systems can be made from human hair, synthetic fibre, or a combination of both.

The men’s hair pieces can be attached using different ways such as weaving, bonding, fusion, as well as cabling. All these techniques make use of existing hair to attach the hair extensions and replacement systems. You need to take adequate care of the hair replacement systems so that they last longer and continue to provide a natural look. However, you need to replace it in 12-18 months.

How are hair replacement systems UK made?

The hair replacement systems have a base material that holds the hair. The lifespan of the hair replacement system depends on the base and the quality of hair used to prepare them. The base of the hair replacement system is made from mono, lace, or skin or poly hair with the lifespan decreasing in that order. Hairs used in hair system Hove, Sussex can be either synthetic or natural. The natural hairs are obtained from Indian, Chinese, European, Remy, or virgin hair. Despite the different origins of hair, all of them undergo chemical treatment (which varies depending on the origin). The more chemically treated the hair are, the weaker they tend to be, and as a result, might last for a lesser duration.

If you are opting for men’s hair replacement systems, ensure you take these precautions…

Though the lifespan of the hair replacement system depends on the type of base, the type of hair and the chemical treatment the hairs undergo, taking adequate care of the hair replacement system can prolong their life. Here is a list of what to do and what to avoid if you have chosen a hair system Hove, Sussex for yourself….

  • Ensure that you use proper shampoo and conditioner to prevent damage to your hair replacement systems. Avoid shampoos and conditioners with harmful chemical ingredients such as ammonium lauryl sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens (methyl and propylparaben), sodium chloride, propylene glycol, diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA), alcohol, chemical fragrances, synthetic colours, dimethicone, formaldehyde. These can reduce the lifespan of the hair replacement system.
  • Wash your hair system in a way that could cause damage to it. You should thoroughly clean the adhesive using a special remover to avoid the accumulation of dirt that can cause the hair to be sticky and tangle. Detangling the hairs present on the hair system can result in hair loss.
  • You should avoid using too hot or too cold water to wash your hair. Extremes in temperature can cause damage to your hair. Instead, you can use warm water for washing your hair. Not only does it remove the dirt from the hairs, but also do not weaken your hair.
  • Over conditioning does not help as using too much of moisture-based conditioners will lead to porous hair that become dry and brittle over time.
  • Avoid using hairdryer at high-temperature settings as the knots can be split that can cause shedding of hair from the hair replacement system. If the hair replacement system is made of synthetic fibres instead of natural hairs, using the hottest setting of a hairdryer can melt the fibres.

Apart from these factors, you should avoid friction, unnecessary tangling and chemical exposure to your hair replacement system.