Hair problems are quite common nowadays and baldness or hair loss makes people worry, stress and panic. People who suffer with hair loss often feel unconfident and embarrassed how they look and feel. However, now there is a permanent solution for baldness and thinning hair by considering hair replacement systems in Hove, Sussex.

Hair Replacement is becoming extremely popular and is an effective technique to get your hair back looking undetectable and looking completely natural as if it was your own head of hair.

Completely painless and you can have your hair back within a few hours. Don’t get confuse with old methods of wearing a wig or toupee which looked completely unnatural, heavy and fake looking.

Each system is made to measure and hair density and texture or your own hair will be the same.

Myth 1 – Hair systems cannot be worn in the sunshine

All natural hair of all colours fade in natural sunshine overtime. The hair used to create a Non Surgical Hair Replacement System is 100% natural virgin hair. Of course you can be in the sunshine but the colour of the hair system will fade a little .

It is recommended especially when on holiday in with plenty of sunshine to wear a cap or hat to minimise the sun on your head.

Myth 2 – They Look Fake

Getting a template made for your hair system is extremely important so the system fits perfectly. A professional will know the correct way to create a perfect template.

A well made hair system when fitted correctly and cut and blended to your own hair will look no different than it would look as if it is was your own natural hair.

When making the template the hairline is designed to look and match your natural hairline, along with the correct density and colour. Even close up or if someone touches the system no one will be able to tell you are wearing a hair replacement system.

Myth 3: Hair replacement system is just a fancy name for a wig or toupee

A Hair replacement system is customised to each individual person. This includes making a template and creating a completely natural hairline.

The density and exact colour match will be taken also before the actual system is created.

A wig or the old fashion toupee are usually bought off the shelf or ordered online. They will not have a natural hairline, not be custom made so will not fit properly.

They will be much heavier in weight and look and often have the same density throughout.

Myth 4: You can always spot a hair replacement system

It is easy to spot a badly made hair system. The hairline will look unnatural usually with a hard edge and will often look too think or a poorly matched colour that clearly is different in texture and colour.

Therefore it is key to find a company or an experienced individual to supply and fit a well made and custom fit system, and to listen and follow their advice.

Myth 5: Your lifestyle will change wearing a Hair Replacement System

Wearing a hair replacement system will add to your lifestyle giving you confidence. You will be able to shower as normal, swim, go to the gym.

Nothing will change apart from going regularly to have the system refit and cleaned.

Myth 6 – Hair systems are expensive

That depends on what the individual classes as expensive. There are many companies that offer different grades of systems.

It is important you find a stylist you feel comfortable and trust, as there are different options to choose from.

Thousands of people all over the world wear hair systems including many celebrities.

This is of course a choice for each individual to make. Are you worried that if you get a hair replacement you will have to limit certain activities like swimming?

Please don’t be.

Nearly all hair replacement systems are designed to remain in place 24/7 regardless of what activities you enjoy doing.

If you want to go swimming, go for it. If you want to go skydiving, take the leap. The strong, waterproof adhesive that is used means you can feel confident that there is no chance your hair will come off while your swimming or doing any activities that could make you sweat. A consultation with a hair loss professional can help you choose the right hair replacement for you and the sort of activities you enjoy.

A professional non surgical hair replacement specialist will replicate everything from hair type, style to colour and hair density. When finished, nobody will be able to tell that your hair isn’t your real hair, even up close and touching it.

Why Hair Replacement System Are Worth Considering?

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Systems today are designed to give you back your confidence so you don’t have to be worried about hair loss and how it makes you look and feel. You won’t feel hot or uncomfortable, you will be able to swim and take part in any activities you want and nobody will be able to tell your hair isn’t real.

Hair Replacement is a non-surgical procedure, so there is no incision, no pain, scarring or any side effects!

This is a completely pain free procedure with incredible results and far cheaper than hair transplants that may not even work.

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