Hair loss is a common problem that several individuals are dealing with. Apart from pattern baldness, which is genetic in nature, the other contributing factors include environmental pollution, stress, irregular and unhealthy eating habits, as well as sleep deprivation. It will be surprising to know that most young men in their twenties have been facing hair loss to such an extent that it dents their self-confidence. There is no denying that your physical appearance matters, not just in professional space but also personal relationships. Though wigs or toupees have been used a solution for hair loss, not everyone prefers to sport hair which does not look original or real. Hair replacement systems have therefore emerged as a popular choice.

What is hair replacement therapy?

Before getting to know what makes hair replacement the preferred choice for hair loss, it is important to know what hair replacement therapy is. men’s hair replacement is a non-surgical way to deal with hair loss problems. Unlike the toupee or wigs of earlier times, the best hair replacement systems designed these days are technologically and creatively advanced that it is practically impossible to detect them. The latest technology is used to create hair transplant systems to provide a more sophisticated design which is similar in looks to the individual’s natural hair. Thanks to hair replacement systems Hove, Sussex, you can get a head full of natural looking hair, without having to undergo painful hair transplant therapy sessions.

What makes hair replacement systems better than conventional wigs?

Toupees or wigs have been used from the 18th century by people who were facing hair loss problems. However, with technological advantages, hair replacement systems are hand-crafted using real human hair strands with extreme precision. Additionally, you have the choice to customise the length and style for the hair replacement systems. Depending on the quality of hair replacement system used, you are set for as less as a few months to as long as a couple of years before needing a replacement! When you compare it to other methods available for dealing with hair loss, this one is worth it.

Different types of hair replacement systems

Skin-based hair systems can be made from silicon, polyurethane, or composed of both. Another approach is the lace-based systems use either Swiss or French lace. You have the choice to opt for the system that works best for your skin type, colour, or the extent of your bald spot. As per the material used and the type of base, hair replacement systems are of four types, namely full-skin base, full-lace base, lace with polyurethane edge, skin with lace front.

Advantages of using hair replacement systems

Considerable amount of time and research has undergone to develop hair replacement systems in uk which provide a natural and unnoticeable look. In fact, they blend perfectly well and cannot be differentiated by either looking or touching them. The various advantages of using a hair replacement system include realistic hairline, instant results, pain-free procedure, lower cost, and ideal if there are very few donor hair available.

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