It is not irrational to associate your confidence level with your looks. Men have a difficult time facing women if they have a receding hairline. Hair loss can be due to different reasons including male pattern baldness, stress, underlying medical issues, etc. There are different ways to tackle hair loss problem like dietary changes, medication, baldness hair treatment including hair transplant. However, one method that has gained immense popularity is hair replacement systems for men. Unlike the painful and time-consuming hair weaving and hair transplant technique, you can easily get customised men’s hair pieces in less than half the time and minus the pain.

Having your hair piece can help improve your poise tremendously. Since most men’s hair pieces are made using natural hair, it provides a natural look and instils self-confidence. However, you need to take adequate care of the men’s hair replacement systems to prolong their lifespan.

male pattern baldness

Here is a guide to help you take care of your hair piece:

  1. Avoid exposure to UV rays. Exposing your hair replacement system to long durations of UV rays can cause changes in the hair colour. Spending long hours in the sun can cause oxidation to take place which can turn both human and synthetic men’s hair pieces to change colour. Though the change is gradual, constant exposure to UV rays can cause the hair to turn up a shade of orange or red. Use a hat or UV protector to prevent constant exposure to sunrays.
  2. Do not forget to clean it. Just like your natural hair, you need to take care of your hair replacement system too. Accumulation of sweat, bacteria, dirt, and the adhesive residue could damage the hair and make them weak. Unlike natural hair that can be washed daily, you should wash the replacement systems one or two times a week. While using a shampoo, be gentle and avoid rubbing it vigorously. Also, ensure that you shampoo and rinse in the same direction to prevent breakage due to tangling. Use a leave-in conditioner to keep hair soft and untangled. Avoid hair dryers as they can damage your hair.
  3. Prevent unintentional damage to the hair piece. Hair follicles produce sebum which naturally conditions your hair. Unfortunately, since that is not available for hair systems, you need to take extra care to prevent damage due to dryness and friction. You can use simple steps like using a soft pillowcase (silk or satin) to reduce the friction. Avoid excess combing and brushing. While combing, use a wide-toothed comb. Pat shampoo and rinse in the same direction to avoid tangling of hair. Never go to bed with wet hair. Use the recommended products to increase the lifespan of your hair system. Over shampooing and blow-drying your hair system can cause damage and reduce the duration of the hair replacement system.

Maintaining your hair replacement system is as essential as taking care of your body. Since you have invested time to get an excellent treatment for your male pattern baldness, it is important to ensure that it is taken care of. You can visit the clinic for maintenance of your hair replacement system. If you are looking for the best hair replacement systems, Hair Tech Solutions is one of the most sought-after places.

Hair Systems Maintenance FAQs

Question: How often do you change hair system?

Answer: Generally, you can use a hair system for a minimum of 6 months though sometimes, you can extend it for a year. However, experts recommend using at least two hair systems in a year.

How long will a hair system last?

Answer: Though usually, you can expect men’s hair replacement systems to last 3-6 months, a quality hair system can last for as long as 6-10 months.

Question: Do hair systems fall off?

Answer: No, hair systems do not just fall off if the bond due to adhesive starts to disintegrate. They may lift slightly, which will give you an indication that you should replace them.

Question: Can you shower with a hair system?

Answer: Yes, you can shower with a hair system, though removing it to clean it is a better way as you can remove the built-up oils and adhesives.