Non Surgical hair systems are the 21st century way of giving back men’s hair who have suffered with male pattern hair loss or thinning hair.

A template is taken for each individual before the hair system is made. This enables a true 100% fit once attached. This also includes designing a natural hairline to the individuals face shape

In the consultation the exact colour will be matched, along with hair density and texture.

The hair system can be attached either by tape only or a medical hypo allergenic bonding adhesive and tape. This will be discussed during the consultation. This will depend on the individuals life style and how long they prefer to leave the hair system on before a refit.

There are several different types of bases. The most realistic is a lace system or a skin system. Again it will be a preference that the individual will choose based on the consultation.

A skin system can be applied with tape and glue around the edges of the system or more commonly is to glue on hair system.

Before the attachment the hair will be clippered off completely where the system will be attached so the fit is exact and flush to the scalp

Once applied and cut and styled, it will look so realistic that no one will know you are actually wearing a hair system.

Men Hair Replacement

The hair literally looks like it is coming out of one’s scalp.

Non-surgical Hair Replacement

Virgin hair is used in all bases and is made to replica the individuals originally hair before the loss of hair.

They is no pain involved whatsoever. The system will have to be removed professionally every 2 to 4 weeks depending on the original application.

On application the individual will have new hair and men’s hair to go and enjoy your new found confidence.

Non-surgical Hair Replacement FAQs

Will the adhesive begin to peel or lose its grip?

No—the medical grade adhesive is resilient, meaning that it can get wet, be pulled on and can even be brushed like real hair. Hair system wearers can in fact, go swimming, have showers, go to the gym without the worry about the hair system coming off.

Will it irritate my scalp itchy or develop rash?

No, the hair is made of natural human hair that is untreated by harsh chemicals and the adhesive used is hypo-allergenic and designed for that purpose. Additionally, we will evaluate your skin during the consultation in order to provide you with a system that won’t cause you any problems or aggravate any existing skin conditions.

How long will my hair replacement last? 

The longevity of each hair replacement will depend on individuals lifestyle, how they look after the system and most importantly how often they will have a refit professionally.

On average a lace system should last between 4 and 6 months and a skin system slightly less. There will be hair loss over the course of wearing the system.

This is a diagram of Male Pattern Baldness over a period of time.

How Does Non-surgical Hair Replacement Work?

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